Linear city is a bad idea
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 15th December 2021
The Linear City; a bad idea

Linear cities; a bad idea   A linear city is an urban plan consisting of an elongating urban formation. This kind of urban plan occurs naturally in some instances. For...

Classical Math
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 6th August 2021
7 Classical Mathematics in Architecture

Classical Mathematics in Architecture   Classical math is closely related to classical geometry in architecture. A subject I have discussed in a previous post here. This is not a complete...

Adaptive design
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 12th April 2021
What is Parametric Design?

Parametric Design is Systems Thinking The time of Modernism has ended and the Bauhaus as an educational system is no longer relevant. The obsession of Modernists with the machine, linearity,...

Parametric Geometries
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 5th November 2020
11 Contemporary Geometries in Architecture

Contemporary and Parametric Geometries in Architecture Carrying on from the previous list of historical geometries in architecture, it’s time to look into contemporary geometry typologies. These increasingly depend on mathematics...

Classical Architecture
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 4th November 2020
11 Classical Geometries in Architecture

11 Classical Architectural Geometries The type and use of geometry in architecture is a fundamental element of the variation between styles or language of architecture. The type of geometry is...

Home parameters
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 24th July 2020
10 Basic parameters in home design

Architecture is not a style of particular buildings, nor is it the drawing of building plans; it is a process of problem solving mixed with aesthetics that results in information...

Office building in context
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 15th April 2020
IBP Technology Incubator Building the News

IBP - Izmir Bilim Park Incubator building have been in local and international news since completion. These two buildings form a single unified function for the development of high tech...

15 Basic parameters in urban design
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 10th April 2020
15 Basic parameters in urban design

This list is not comprehensive but a starting point for any planning project. In a successfully designed urban plan the designer needs to manage and manipulate multiple interconnected parameters. Each parameter can be investigated and...

Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 30th March 2020
COVID-19 Maker Resources

These COVID-19 maker resources are here for everyone with maker skills and machinery to anyone with a needle and a thread. As a result of the world being unexpectedly plunged...

Sustainable parametric house
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 13th March 2020
5 ways to prepare your home for disasters

We are living in the safest times in known human history. Globally life expectancy has never been higher and poverty rate never been lower. Life is good therefore and the...

Architecture and beauty
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 3rd March 2020
Architecture and the multi-beautiful

The Sublime versus the Pretty   "The Beautiful Origin from the Latin bell(us) fine + -ity (state or function). The quality present in a thing or person that gives intense...

The end of Modernism in Architecture
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 30th January 2020
The end of Modernism in Architecture

We have finally reached the long awaited end of Modernism in Architecture How things begin We have been hearing of the end of modernism for a long time, why is...

Policy H2 Small sites, Draft New London Plan
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 22nd November 2019
6 steps to build a new house on a small London site

Advise on how the GLA “Policy H2 Small Sites” can work for you   The Greater London Authority (GLA) is putting small sites front and centre in the new Draft...

Parametric Design is Changing Architecture high tech sustainability
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 16th October 2019
8 Reasons why parametric design is changing Architecture

This is my short list of 8 reasons why parametric design is changing Architecture. Parametric Design I first came across systemic and parametric design approaches while studying at the Architectural...

London housing crisis needs
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 3rd March 2017
London Housing Crisis and possible solutions (2019 context)

Urban planning is a strategic endeavor. It involves the maintenance and improvements of the existing and facilitation of growth, or reduction. It uses statistical tools to predict future needs and...