Turf City Vatnsmyri overview
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 18 May 2008
Turf City on the News

Turf City urban design masterplan, Reykjavik, Iceland Vatnsmyrir Competition, 2007 BauNetz, 2008 NextRoom, 2008 Platforma Urbana 2008 BLDGBLOG, 2008 Architizer,   Team Project directors © Gudjon T. Erlendsson & Jeffrey Paul Turko. Turf City was a project designed by the office before the AUDB name change in 2009. Project team Gudjon T. Erlendsson, Jeffrey P....

Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 30 May 2009
Designing a Hof (Pagan Temple)

Temple of the Asatru These are some thoughts on Norse pagan temples that came out of the design competition for the temple of Reykjavik. The pre-christian Greek and Roman pagan temples were internally restricted to the gods, priestly class and those with special relationship with the god or gods. Public offerings and worship happened outside...

Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 31 May 2010
Democratic Architecture

DEMOCRATIC ARCHITECTURE; THE MORPHOLOGY OF NATIONAL PARLIAMENTS Democratic Power The ideas of contemporary democratic canon are based around the concept that free wo/men elect representatives that then meet in assemblies and make decisions for the good of the people. There are exceptions to this where direct democracy side steps representation, the best modern examples for...

Izmir Modular Docks
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 24 February 2015
Modular Docks on the news

Modular Docks The Izmir modular docks in the News: Nominated for the INDEX:Award The Guardian Feb. 13 2015 City Lab Feb. 10 2015 Design Boom, Nov.22 2014 A10.eu, Dec.29 2014 The Guardian, Oct.31 2014 Triptod, 2014 Divisare, Nov.5 2014 Arkitera, Nov.4 2014 2nd Istanbul Biennal, 2014 Izmir University of Economics, Sept. 12 2014 Getty Images...