Architecture and beauty
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 03 March 2020
Architecture and the multi-beautiful

The Sublime versus the Pretty   "The Beautiful Origin from the Latin bell(us) fine + -ity (state or function). The quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, colour, sound, etc.), a meaningful design or pattern, or something else...

The end of Modernism in Architecture
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 30 January 2020
The end of Modernism in Architecture

We have finally reached the long awaited end of Modernism in Architecture How things begin We have been hearing of the end of modernism for a long time, why is it still here? Art movements are founded on a philosophy as well as being fixed in the era the movement operates in. It is always...

Policy H2 Small sites, Draft New London Plan
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 22 November 2019
6 steps to build a new house on a small London site

Advise on how the GLA “Policy H2 Small Sites” can work for you   The Greater London Authority (GLA) is putting small sites front and centre in the new Draft London Plan as a key to solving the ongoing housing crisis. The GLA estimates that the city can provide vast number of small sites. Therefore...

Parametric Design is Changing Architecture high tech sustainability
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 16 October 2019
8 Reasons why parametric design is changing Architecture

This is my short list of 8 reasons why parametric design is changing Architecture. Parametric Design I first came across systemic and parametric design approaches while studying at the Architectural Association in London in the late 90s. Since then I have participated in and conducted research around digital and computational design. My Nordic roots drive...

London housing crisis needs
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 03 March 2017
London Housing Crisis and possible solutions (2019 context)

Urban planning is a strategic endeavor. It involves the maintenance and improvements of the existing and facilitation of growth, or reduction. It uses statistical tools to predict future needs and strategically plans for the urban accommodation of those needs. When these strategies are not met, Urban Planning is failing. The “housing crisis” in the UK...

London housing crisis
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 05 June 2016
London Housing Crisis is due to planning policy (2019)

For anyone living in London the cost of housing is a hot topic. The price of housing has been rising faster than income for years. Initially effecting students and the low wage earners, expanding to the professional middle classes. The housing crisis seems to be a relentless chronic condition of the city. Year from year...

Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 31 May 2010
Democratic Architecture

This research into the history of democratic Architecture focuses on the morphology of national parliaments in the western tradition. Democratic Power The ideas of contemporary democratic ideals are based around the concept that free wo/men elect representatives that then meet in assemblies and make decisions for the good of the people. These meetings would take...

Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 30 May 2009
Designing a Hof (Pagan Temple)

These are some thoughts on the design of a Norse pagan temple that came out of the design competition for the Temple of the Asatrut in Reykjavik Iceland. Evolution of Christian places of worship The pre-christian Greek and Roman pagan temples were internally restricted to the gods, priestly class and those with special relationship with the...

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