London housing crisis
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 5th June 2016
London Housing Crisis is due to planning policy (2019)

For anyone living in London the cost of housing is a hot topic. The price of housing has been rising faster than income for years. Initially effecting students and the...

pop-up shop
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 1st June 2016
Pop-up shop design on the News

The pop-up design of a shop for Bottletop is turning heads and being noticed in the media: Inhabitat Regent Street The Daily Mail WWD Eco-Age FOTS Popsugar The Sun Location:...

Language Building
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 24th February 2016
YDYO on the News

YDYO; The Foreign Language building in the News: Arch Daily Architect News Newsflow 24 The Architecture In Sight Designcurial  lvshedesign Gooood Archi Expo e-architect Aasarchitecture Architizer Archipendium Project Information: Location: Izmir Year: 2015 Project...

CNC Installation
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 24th February 2015
Modular Docks on the news

Modular Docks. a CNC installation for coastal cities The Izmir modular docks in the News: Nominated for the INDEX:Award The Guardian Feb. 13 2015 City Lab Feb. 10 2015 Design...

Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 31st May 2010
Democratic Architecture

This research into the history of democratic Architecture focuses on the morphology of national parliaments in the western tradition. Democratic Power The ideas of contemporary democratic ideals are based around...

Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 30th May 2009
Designing a Hof (Pagan Temple)

These are some thoughts on the design of a Norse pagan temple that came out of the design competition for the Temple of the Asatrut in Reykjavik Iceland. Evolution of Christian...

Turf City Vatnsmyri overview
Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 18th May 2008
Turf City on the News

Turf City Vatnsmyri, Reykjavik, News Competition propsal urban design masterplan, Reykjavik, Iceland Vatnsmyrir Competition, 2007 BauNetz, 2008 NextRoom, 2008 Platforma Urbana 2008 BLDGBLOG, 2008 Architizer,   Team Project directors ©...