IBP – Izmir Bilim Park Incubator building have been in local and international news since completion.

These two buildings form a single unified function for the development of high tech entrepreneurship in the Izmir Region:

Architizer 2015


Izmir University of Economics

Izmir Kultur ve Turizm Dergisi

Enson Haber

Izmir Bilim Park

Ege Tek

Emlak Kulisi


Teknoloji Haber

Yeni Asir




Gudjon Erlendsson (ThorArch) & Özlem Akin

Project Architect/Project Manager:
Hüsnü Alpan

Design Team:
Mehtap Altuğ,

Cemre Akalin
Erin Yildirim
Ertunç Hünkar

Structural Engineers:
Ardalis Ltd.Şti

Bilim Park is a scientific research and development centre open for Turkish and foreign research and educational institutions, and business representatives. This centre is an essential link connecting innovative technologies and knowledge-intensive companies, embodying a synergy of scientific research, studies and practical implementation of ideas. The centre consists of two interconnected parts forming a single function

Although most incubators offer their clients office space and shared administrative services, the heart of a true business incubation program are the services it provides to startup companies. More than half of incubation programs surveyed by the National Business Incubation Association[18] in 2006 reported that they also served affiliate or virtual clients.[10].

This multidisciplinary incubator building provides users with an opportunity to work in multi-disciplinary teams and to enable them to perform in a role/discipline in the context of team based projects. It will promote reflection on individual and team working and the multi-disciplinary nature of built environment projects.


By Gudjon Thor Erlendsson

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