Linear city is a bad idea
Posted by | 15th December 2021
The Linear City; a bad idea

Linear cities; a bad idea   A linear city is an urban plan consisting of an elongating urban formation. This kind of urban plan occurs naturally in some instances. For...

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Classical Math
Posted by | 6th August 2021
7 Classical Mathematics in Architecture

Classical Mathematics in Architecture   Classical math is closely related to classical geometry in architecture. A subject I have discussed in a previous post here. This is not a complete...

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Adaptive design
Posted by | 12th April 2021
What is Parametric Design?

Parametric Design is Systems Thinking The time of Modernism has ended and the Bauhaus as an educational system is no longer relevant. The obsession of Modernists with the machine, linearity,...

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Parametric Geometries
Posted by | 5th November 2020
11 Contemporary Geometries in Architecture

Contemporary and Parametric Geometries in Architecture Carrying on from the previous list of historical geometries in architecture, it’s time to look into contemporary geometry typologies. These increasingly depend on mathematics...

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Classical Architecture
Posted by | 4th November 2020
11 Classical Geometries in Architecture

11 Classical Architectural Geometries The type and use of geometry in architecture is a fundamental element of the variation between styles or language of architecture. The type of geometry is...

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