Modular Docks.

a CNC installation for coastal cities

The Izmir modular docks in the News:

Nominated for the INDEX:Award

The Guardian Feb. 13 2015

City Lab Feb. 10 2015

Design Boom, Nov.22 2014, Dec.29 2014

The Guardian, Oct.31 2014

Triptod, 2014

Divisare, Nov.5 2014

Arkitera, Nov.4 2014

2nd Istanbul Biennal, 2014

Izmir University of Economics, Sept. 12 2014

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Arkiv, 2014

Project for Public Spaces

Co Exist

Collaboration project between AUDB, Iyi Ofis (Istanbul) and Izmir University of Economics.

Location: Izmir
Year: 2014
Project design: Gudjon Thor Erlendsson for AUDB, Elif Ensari and Can Sucuoğlu from Iyi Ofis, Ertunç Hünkar from IEU
Project team: Aycan Terzioğlu, Mehmet Sadık Aksu, Gözde Damla Turan, Buket Oztürk, Gamze Sahin, Bengisu Ozpirinççi

Copyright Gudjon Thor Erlendsson AUDB, Iyi Ofis

About the local areas; Turkish cities are surrounded by natural beauty, rich histories and some nice little local surprises and many sit by the sea. The approach to the sea has been to separate the urban population from the sea, and this is something we wanted to reverse.

The city of Izmir is easily navigable on foot, but the public transport system is straightforward and efficient and getting better. The coastline is built up with a concrete barrier and pedestrian path along most of the coastline around the bay of Izmir.

The leading theme of the project is the paradigm shift towards mass-customization as the logical further development of mass production. We are not criticizing mass production as such, since it brought our society where we find ourselves right now. But as different industries move forward to address the technological challenges and shifting consumer expectations of the future, digital manufacturing will be at the forefront in assisting cities to meet the demands of the city while satisfying the specific needs of their urban population. Digital manufacturers must be able to provide speed and flexibility to companies with low-volume, high-mix production and on-demand manufacturing.

The dock modules were made of birch ply, manufactured using a CNC router and laser cutter. It was made from a number of components which slotted and bolted together, for assembly on site.

Unintentionally, this small installation that floated by the city centre some reason achieved the status of a temporary landmark, without the explicit intention to become one, the docks stand out on the basis of their strong internal logic. I think it is in the nature of our rare approach of the fusion of art, architecture and technology on a digital platform that inevitably produced these landmark structures.


By Gudjon Thor Erlendsson

© 2021 Gudjon Thor Erlendsson, all rights reserved.

Modular Docks