The pop-up design of a shop for Bottletop is turning heads and being noticed in the media:


Regent Street

The Daily Mail





The Sun

Location: Regent Street and Redchurch Street in London

Project Design: Gudjon Thor Erlendsson and Andreas Krause of Krause Architects

Client Collaborator: Oliver Wayman from Bottletop

Apple and Nike among other brands have already made drastic attempts at focusing their attention and shifting their flagship stores into immersive spaces that offer a grander sense of connectivity with the product. User experience and interactive design go beyond flashing lights and large tv monitors displaying product images every 3 seconds. If brands want their brick and mortar spaces to thrive focus is shifting towards how space can be geared towards the shoppers aspirations and sense of space. The pop-up design shows the way.

The office devised a series of scaffolding frames to display the products on, which the firm likens to elements of a pop-up book. The units, in shades of grey, black and white and arranged in a grid formation, are made from a type of metal poles used in scaffolding. The aesthetic was a perfect complement to the chain-mail vibe of the clothing line.

Bottletop is equal social activist, design emporium and fashion retailer. The small spaces seek to surprise and delight visitors with unexpected displays and unusual products. Items may include one-of-a-kind pieces from a new designer’s first product, or small hand made accessories.


By Gudjon Thor Erlendsson

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