Plinth Wine Cabinet

Plinth Bar
Minimal techtonic

Tectonic Furniture Design

Inspired by mid 20th century Scandinavian furniture. The aim was to make a minimalistic furniture piece with a focus on details and materials.


A mini-bar, wine cabinet inspired by mid 20th century Scandinavian furniture. Of course using the Nordic favorite material Oak with all it’s inherent history. Here the aim is to make a minimalist piece of furniture with a focus on details and materials. Thus the bar would be a free standing and discreet piece of furniture in both classical and modern setting.

The small wine cabinet can carry a case of wine in an internal rack as well as two or three bottles of standing liquor. Behind a small fold down mixing bar.


The small wine cabinet and bar can doubles as a plinth for an interior focal piece such as a sculpture or ceramics. As well as plants or other interior decorations. Subsequently the exterior of the cabinet is kept as low key and minimal in design as possible with all joints and connections hidden inside the cabinet.

We are dedicated to continued exploration of emerging architecture and design. For this reason we like to explore the methods and materials of traditional and modern Scandinavian design heritage. This leads sometimes to beautiful objects.


The main material is rejected “low quality” cut-of materials, including sapwood and scarred by worm holes. As a consequence, the natural fibers of the wood would juxtapose the simplicity of the overall design. Because the oak is artificially aged, the selection of wood made these blemishes bring life and character to the piece.

The prototype was handmade by designer crafted and assembled with traditional joint and methods. Demonstrating the increased quality of furniture when these methods are used.