Skerjabru Bridge

Bridge proposal for the Löngusker masterplan

Project directors
© Gudjon T. Erlendsson
Project team
Gudjon T. Erlendsson
Ertunc Hunkar
Year 2017

4 lane highway, 2 lane public transport, pedestrian and bicycle paths

Löngusker urban proposal

The Skerjabru cable bridge formed a part of an urban proposal for Löngusker in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The Longusker development is a 53 hectare proposal for a new neighbourhood built on 5 artificial islands located on shallow shoals in the Skerjafjordur bay. The development consists of a densely built mix use neighbourhood with app. 800 quality residential units, retail and commercial developments. A single avenue connected the 5 islands with pedestrian network integrating the neighbourhood into one whole. Piers and marinas circulated the island and access was provided by a road connection to both the city centre of Reykjavik and the Alftanes peninsula.

Skerjafjörður bridge

The road connection across the Skerjafjordur bay has the potential to be developed as an independent project and could serve to intertwine the existing linear traffic condition of the city, turning it into a ring-road typology.

This new connection would open up the area of Alftanes for urban development, providing much needed housing and commercial space for the city.

While most of the road is built on land-reclamation with two bridges spanning the deepest areas of the bay. A long low bridge is located on the north side of the road, with a tall cable bridge sitting on the south side of the road. Both bridges are necessary to allow water circulation, while the tall bridge is designed to allow the passage of sail-boats into marinas existing and proposed in the bay.


Skerjabru Presentation