Skerjafjordur bridge

Skerjabru Bridge

Bridge proposal for the Löngusker masterplan

Project directors
© Gudjon T. Erlendsson
Project team
Gudjon T. Erlendsson
Ertunc Hunkar
Year 2017

4 lane highway, 2 lane public transport, pedestrian and bicycle paths

Löngusker urban proposal

The Skerjafj0rdur bridge (Skerjabru) forms a part of an urban master-planning proposal, including a bridge over Skerjafjordur bay, Löngusker in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Wider opportunities

Outside the developers profits, the societal profit of the bridge itself is multiplied, with a better connection between the city’s municipalities and further development opportunities of Álftanes.
The location of Landspítali in the centre of Reykjavik also calls for more access and the bridge connection forms a new “emergency access” to the hospital campus.
This wider benefit makes the proposal an important urban strategy with the local municipalities and the national government.

The road connection across the Skerjafjordur bay has the potential to be developed as an independent project and could serve to intertwine the existing linear traffic condition of the city, turning it into a ring-road typology.

Skerjabrú; Skerjafjordur bridge

This new connection would open up the area of Alftanes for urban development, providing much needed housing and commercial space for the city.

The proposal consists of land reclamation and two bridges. To the north (Reykjavik side) is a long low bridge spanning the deeper part of the seabed between Suðurgata and Longusker. To the south of the quays is a short tall bridge over the deepest part of the fjord, which gives small boats and sailboats easy access to the bays within Skerjafjörður. This also reduces the restriction of coastline developments within the channels.
Together, the bridges channel ocean currents in and out of Skerjafjörður to reduce the impact on the natural flow of the fjord.
The highway is proposed with two lanes in each direction along with dedicated “city line” public transport lanes in each direction. Dedicated pedestrian path and cycle path further extends the city’s path network and facilitates access to the natural beauty of Alftaness.
This interconnected neighbourhood would make it focal point of the city which provides the opportunity to build a high-quality bridge that will serve as a city landmark for the future.


Skerjabru Presentation