Modular Dock

Modular Docks
Micro manifesto for micro urbanism: think micro

Project team
Aycan Terzioğlu
Mehmet Sadık Aksu
Gözde Damla Turan
Buket Oztürk
Gamze Sahin
Bengisu Ozpirinççi

Project Design
Gudjon Thor Erlendsson for AUDB
Elif Ensari and Can Sucuoğlu from Iyi Ofis
Ertunç Hünkar from IEU

Think Micro

Publicly generated modular urban space

Micro manifesto for micro urbanism: think micro Modular Docs. Is a collaboration project between AUDB, Iyi Ofis (Istanbul) and Izmir University of Economics.

The Modular Dock project came out of a discussion about the monotony of the Turkish coastline section. As a rule how the public is essentially cut off from the sea by high concrete walls and highways. In contrast the project is a counter to the top down mega-project that dominate urban design. Furthermore, “Thinking Micro” is an attempt to generate urban design through an urban „acupuncture“.

The construction of the modules uses the most contemporary computational methods to create construction information and direct CNC manufacturing. Subsequently the modules were assembled in the University workshop in the summer of 2014.

Each module is 4m2 and is designed for a specific function. In this case these were developed through workshops with the students of the 2014 graduation class, the Morphogenesis Design Unit.

The docks are modular and can be assembled in multiple assemblies. As such the dock can grow or shrink in time. Due to the concept for the project aiming to make the CNC patterns accessible to the public online. So anyone can essentially take a file to a CNC cutter and make their own module, adding it to the coastline.

This type of open source urban installations are a great way for cities to increase public participation and city pride. Leading to an increase in the quality of life.

Istanbul Biennale 2014

After the project was moved from Izmir harbour, it was exhibited at the 2nd Istanbul Biennale in October 2014.

Later the project represented Izmir in the ’2014 world cities challenge’ competition organized by UN-habitat and the Guardian newspaper. Thus it was awarded the second prize.

Izmir Modular Docks