London New Infill House

London Infill House
Imaginative combination of contemporary and traditional design

Project architect
Gudjon T. Erlendsson

Small infill house in London

A new end of terrace house in Lewisham, London received planning permission in 2019.

As a part of the ongoing aim to tackle the housing crisis, the government and the Greater London Council has set up a policy to promote the use of small infill sites in London for new homes. These sites are never easy, but offer a great opportunity to develop imaginative architecture in the city.
The home owner at this end of terrace house is a young family interested utilizing the empty plot on the south side of their property for a new single-family home. The owners are enthusiastic and interested in high quality architecture on the site. For that purpose, they have collaborated with the architects at Thor-AUDB to develop an imaginative approach to the new house though rigorous and iterative design process. A number of options were developed, with a single option standing out as offering a unique proposal of high quality for the site.
The proposal is a contemporary addition incorporating details taken from the surrounding context.

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Every line, form and material finish is derived from the neighborhood. These are coupled with a rigorous architectural concept to come up with a unique building, that is both contemporary and contextual to the site. Well-designed external terraces and garden will be provided meeting Council standards for amenity spaces. These will benefit from soft and hard surfaces with areas dedicated to planting and potted plants.
The proposal offers an exemplar approach to the many empty infill sites in London and other cities. A building that has been developed sympathetically with the history and wider context of the site. While at the same time offering a bold and exceptional design quality which will become a recognized asset in the embolden urban area.
When local planning departments allow architects to use their skills and knowledge to solve difficult architectural sites, the city and local community benefits.

The proposal was granted planning permission by the local council in 2019. Based on the new infill site housing policy “Policy H2 Small sites” of the Draft New London Plan