Scandinavian Loft Extension

Scandinavian loft extension

London Hygge

SE Cambridge
Andrema Construction
Project architect
Gudjon T. Erlendsson
Martina O’Shea
Year 2017

Oak plywood cladding combines high quality and affordability

A Scandinavian vision for a loft extension and a new dormer for a South London home. The house is located in a conservation area and had to consider its specific location. The design is a true Nordic approach aiming to create a simple yet warm interior and maximize external views and daylight. The tight, angular and irregular space offered a challenge solved to achieve the contemporary simplicity desired.

The natural materials were chosen purposely to age gracefully and become even more beautiful in time. Oak and oak plywood is used to accentuate the bedroom and landing juxtaposed with simple white walls. The master-bathroom uses tiles and simple finishes to carry the design language into all of the new spaces. Spaces not used for dwelling are are cleverly utilized for hidden storage.

A new, highly crafted oak plywood staircase takes you up to the loft space where the master bedroom and master bathroom are located. The staircase is imagined as a gate to the tranquility and private space up-stairs. This is underlined with the staircase being “separated” from the lower floor with the first step acting as a “genkan” to the staircase space.

The result is a true Scandinavian loft extension design, highly comfortable and cozy home. It is unapologeticly modern, but uses the natural materials to avoid the cold and impersonal feeling of many modernist designs.