Tell us your aims

The Client Questionnaire is a good way to formulate your aims and objectives. There is no need to answer all the questions if you can’t as some of these will not be clear. The design process is a collaborative experience that starts at your initial needs and ends after you have experienced the new space.

The questionnaire is nor thorough as each project is unique. Further development of the aims and objectives will follow these initial notes resulting in a client brief guiding the project going forward.

We have made a simple guide to residential design services here.

Client Questionnaire
ie. new home, renovation, extension, commercial etc.
This will allow them to pull up site plans or look at Google maps
Do you have any images from magazines or Pinterest that show us a style that you like?
Garage conversion, basement conversion, stand-alone unit, etc.
Also consider longer term changes
Second home, kids, elderly, tenants, etc
5-year, 10-year and long-term plan for the property?
What activities do you see yourself doing routinely?
Spaces both indoors and outdoors? What do you want to change about that?
Are you at home a great deal? Do now or foresee you work at home?
Dinners, garden barbecues, parties etc?
Will any trees need to be removed?
Selected Value: 0
Selected Value: 0
Bedrooms, kitchen, family room, bathrooms, etc.?)
Bicycles, vacuum cleaners, camping gear etc.
What is your budget for the project?
What are the time constraints of the project?

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